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The new knife-heaven-knifeshop is LIVE!
We have made many new options available. From now on:

+ we specialize on scandinavian / nordic knives only
* we offer more brands and more products
* you can compare products
* you will find great, large and new knife-images
* we offer 4 languages: dutch, german, english and swedish
* you will be able to select EURO / GBP / DOLLAR / SWEDISH KRONOR
* you can buy with paypal-speed-checkout
* we offer very many payment options for worldwide customers
* we ship our knives, blades and goods worldwide
* we have a guestbook for your response
* we offer many social-media links for our knife-friends
* we offer a customer-gallery where you can show your selfmade knives
* you can navigate not only via brands but also via categories
* we offer many selection-tools
* in The Netherlands, Germany & Sweden you can buy with invoice & in rates
* we offer KNIFE-HEAVEN-TRAVEL come with us to Scandinavia
... and much much more great features,

Visit the informative pages we have for each scandinavian knife-brand or go directly to our ever growing shop. KNIFE-HEAVEN is strongly committed to knives from Scandinavia, therefore we have an eleborate number of pages ready for you to find all you need about the norwegian brands Brusletto, Helle, Haugrud, Oyo, Kongsberg and Strömeng, the swedish Karesuando and Eka the Finnish Tommi knives by Kainoon puukko, Iisakki Järvenpää, Puronvarsi and Roselli. All fancy knives for your own use or as a fancy knife gift. Find many knifemaking parts in our BRISA collection. If you are not sure on what to give, use our new, beautifully designed gift voucher !

Next to the scandinavian brands you will also find numerous other brands, shapes and techniques.

If you have any questions, remarks or if you are looking for a special issue of the brands that we carry, please contact us. We ship worldwide.


a few interesting items:

Great, nice-price blades: Mora blades.
Laminated steel of high quality, We carry a large stock of knifemaking parts from Brisa, Finland.
Red Palm wood from Brisa, Finland. We carry a wide range of woods from all over the world with our Brisa collection!
Leopard Jasper. Wonderfull high quality knifemaking accessories with great polishing ability. From Brisa, Finland.
Oyo's viking axe is an exact copy of an original Viking axe which was found in central norway.


New Shop-KNIFE-HEAVEN live!
Kerkrade, saturday, 02-07-2011
after a softlaunch of our new shop
and intensive testing we are very happy
to announce that our new knife-shop for
nordic knives is LIVE online.
see: www.knife-heaven-shop.com


Earn money with KNIFE-HEAVEN:
Become our affiliate-partner now.
Click on this link to enlist

TOMMI from Finland - Puukko at
their best. Top quality knives!


EKA knives and Helle knives.
We are building and expanding our
shop. Take a look and see for example
the famous Eka Nordic W11 or the
beautifull Helle Harding knife.

BRISA from Finland - Knifemaking
parts. Horn, Wood, Blades, and much,
much more knifeparts !
..we have lots of new stock !!!

Using our knife-parts ?
Send us a picture of your self-made
knife. We will publish it online.

See our
handmade saami-knives
hard to get? we have them!.

Now available, and a great
christmas gift for your loved ones:
KNIFE-HEAVEN Gift-certificates

NOW online:
# hand-forged blades from Roselli
# new Brusletto Tiur knife
# handmade horn-knife from Lapland
# Brusletto Skinner knife
... and we have 2 great new nordic brands...

Øyo Fritid BLACK:

a perfect lightweight outdoor tool.

Now in our shop: Pictures
of lots of Karesuando knife-making parts
Also we have Roselli blades in stock!


We are offering the
complete knife-blade collection
of norway's Brusletto online in
our shop, WITH full pictures:

Visit our NICE-PRICE section here.

50 or 20 Euro giftvoucher now online.
Use our gift voucher and we will send it
to your friend. Great design, nicely wrapped!
A great birthday-gift or Christmas-gift.

Soon in our Shop:
Kitchen knives from Øyo !

NEW in our shop:
Wooden Jewellery from Lapland

Become a DEALER !
contact us to become reseller.

Did you know?
DMT now availabe in our shop
BRISA knifemaking parts now available!
Brusletto has 2 knew knives:
Brusletto Storbukken and
Brusletto Ripa.
2 new Brusletto style knives with
all the great Brusletto quality.